Our Culture

We feel a great company culture is essential to building a workplace that our current and potential employees want to be a part of. Our culture is steeped in values that best describe our organization’s identity.

We don’t believe in secret meetings or whispering at the watercooler. We believe everyone needs to be aware of our company’s plans, progress, and goals at all times and at all levels.

At erpxtend, every single employee feels accepted, valued, and has a sense of belonging. Our employees are encouraged to share ideas quickly and work together easily. Our people are engaged and share common goals.

We’ve created an environment where employees are willing to work with each individual to set professional development goals and help them grow with the organization.

Micromanaging our people is strictly verboten. We encourage autonomy and independent decision-making. At erpxtend, our people enjoy the freedom and empowerment to be successful and get on with their work.

We are energized and motivated to achieve business and performance goals.

Happy Factor
We emphasizes employee happiness and work-life balance within our organization.

Our people have expressed a desire to work in a place that is growing, innovating, and trying new things. We’ve created an environment that is progressive and highly enjoyable.

We don’t du cubicles. We don’t do a 5-day in-office work week. We are a 95% remote company, that is flexible and consistently emphasizes the importance of work-life fit.

We maintain a relaxed environment with a casual vibe and dress code.

We are hard core about continious innovation. We aren’t affraid to break the mold and start anew just for the sake of improving processes.

We enjoy an inclusive working environment, where diversity is always welcomed and appreciated.

We believe the best ideas are born from great collaborations. Thus, we place a strong emphasis on working together to achieve success.

In our culture, feelings are valued and acknowledged through active listening, open communication, and support in difficult situations.

Our culture is one that recognizes employees when they exceed expectations or go above and beyond.

We think companies with a welcoming culture have employees who are friendly, more likely to build internal employee networks, and plan team events to spend time with coworkers outside the office. From our interviews to our onboarding process, we strive to make all employees feel welcome.